100% recycled composite decking

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This reimagined decking is made of 100% recycled materials — 50% reclaimed wood fiber and 50% HDPE plastic — and features the most authentic hardwood grain texturing… without the splinters. A low-gloss matte finish further sets TruOrganics decking apart from other composites on the market. 【Get Price】

Composite Decking - 100% Recycled Decking Material

Composite Decking Enhance your outdoor living space with the ultimate in composite decking. Requiring no painting or staining, wood plastic composites are quickly becoming the premier choice for low maintenance, worry free decking building materials. 【Get Price】

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Also, increases your score by 100%. Do or Die: If you're planning to win by conquest, this option could be your best friend. Aggressive Opponents: The AI factions are already pretty aggressive, and this makes them doubly so. If you're going for a diplomatic win, you might want to leave this one off. 【Get Price】

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They are (1) a deck of New Vegas-themed playing cards (2) a "making of" DVD (3) a Platinum Chip replica (4) 7 poker chips displaying Mojave casino insignia. LONG 15: This is the north-south interstate near Goodsprings. 【Get Price】

Composite Decking - Durable & Beautiful Wood Plastic

Combining FSC 100% certified hardwood timber with recycled plastic, our composite decking and fencing products offer the traditional look and feel of timber, with the attractive benefits the inclusion of plastic has to offer. 【Get Price】

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Composite decking is a high quality, low maintenance, sustainable alternative to traditional decking. It is made from a mix of plastic and wood, giving you the best traits of both products. Our composite decking is made with 60% Timber (100% FSC certified) and 40% Recycled Plastic making it the perfect eco-friendly option. 【Get Price】

EP Decking Inc.

EP Decking Inc., we are the manufacturers of high quality composite decking railing, fencing, Flooring and landscaping products EP Decking is a wood-plastic composite manufacture producing decks with plant fiber recycled wood and plastic (HDPE). 【Get Price】