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Some issues with composite decking! If the composite lumber is not properly supported it tends to bow and warp. Each board must be pre-drilled during the fastening process. These add to the 【Get Price】

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While wood decking inevitably suffered splinters, warping and rotting, and required considerable maintenance, early-generation never had to be stained and did not rot, warp or twist like wood. Periodic cleanings with a composite deck cleaner were far easier than the dreaded sanding and staining required to maintain wood decks. 【Get Price】

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We started the complaint process in June 2007 and finally heard from the company last week that they do not believe the deck is defective. We sent photos of mold, warping, uneven color and splitting. 【Get Price】

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Composite decking often uses hidden fasteners rather than on-deck screws, leaving a clean, pristine surface that is low maintenance and free of splinters, warping, and nail pops. Hidden deck fastener systems are an option when installing a composite deck. 【Get Price】

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Current Naruto/Sasuke (Manga & Anime)VSComposite Bleach Character (Shinigami/Quincy/Hollow/Vizard/Fullbring) Location:Nothing is equalized so no o 【Get Price】

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Warping & Shrinking. Some composite decking won’t move a bit and others have been found to shrink, swell, warp, twist, bow, and any other word you want to use in amounts unheard of, even with wood. Again, it seems completely random when this happens, but it happens often enough that you should know about it. 【Get Price】