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Should I Use Hidden Deck Fasteners or Deck Screws When I

Pros and cons of hidden deck fasteners Pros: Generally speaking, hidden deck fasteners allow for more movement in the decking than deck screws. They are most often used with composite or PVC decking and should only be used with hardwoods which are dimensionally sound. Hidden fasteners create a more uniform and natural look than face screws and 【Get Price】

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Deck options, deck benches, hidden deck fasteners, deck lighting, deck ideas. article that examines the pros and cons of each decking material. Hidden fasteners systems are very popular with modern decking materials. 【Get Price】

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Each deck fastener system method has pros and cons. Face screwing is fast and secure but it leaves exposed screw holes that many find unattractive. Hidden fasteners leave an unblemished beautiful face but most feel they take longer to install and leave the decking free to move about throughout the year. 【Get Price】

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