pergola posts attached to house and cantilever

pergola posts attached to house and cantilever

Pergola Beam Span 18' , Home Forums , GardenWeb,Mar 15, 2008 , For example I did a 12x24 pergola, ledger attached to house 24' , I cantilevered the beam 4' on each end that way the beam only was ,. The lumber used was 6x6 post 6x12 beams, 4x8 cross beams and 2x4 top boards. 【Get Price】

Cantilevered Pergola -- DIY Designed and Built Hometalk

It is cantilevered, thus supported by two legs on the outside of the deck, in order to be more sturdy and stable than one attached to the top of the deck. It is attached to the side of the deck as shown in my blog post. 【Get Price】

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Question about cantilevered pergola : DIY - reddit

I want to build a cantilevered pergola above the front walkway to my house. I have a design in mind, but would like people's opinion on whether or not it will be able to safely hold it's own weight. -I am spanning about 6 1/2 feet. 【Get Price】

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Pergola Cantilever - Building & Construction - DIY

next, span i am not talking about span, i am talking about cantilever. the pic i showed is a 22ft span between posts, only two posts, and each end is a 12.5ft cantilever past the post. the other side of the roof is on ledger against the house thus approx 1/4 of the load is being carried on each column, and just 1/8 on the cantilever. this is 【Get Price】

Pergola Posts Attached To House And Cantilever

attach pergola post to deck - WPC Wood Plastic Composite Decking ,, without attaching it to the house. wondering how you attached the pergola posts , The Cantilever beam was set on 6x6posts , pergola attached to this house. 【Get Price】