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Definition of leaching: Natural process by which water soluble substances (such as calcium, fertilizers, pesticides) are washed out from soil or wastes. These leached out chemicals (called leachites) cause pollution of 【Get Price】

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The removal of soluble material from a substance, such as soil or rock, through the percolation of water. Organic matter is typically removed from a soil horizon and soluble metals or salts from a rock by leaching. 【Get Price】

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In agriculture, leaching is the loss of water-soluble plant nutrients from the soil, due to rain and irrigation. Soil structure , crop planting, type and application rates of fertilizers , and other factors are taken into account to avoid excessive nutrient loss. 【Get Price】

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leach (lēch) v. leached, leach·ing, leach·es v.tr. 1. To remove soluble or other constituents from by the action of a percolating liquid: heavy rains that leached the soil of minerals. 2. To remove from a substance by the action of a percolating liquid: acids in groundwater that leach calcium out of the bedrock. 3. To empty; drain: "a world leached 【Get Price】

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