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WPC Treatment Co Inc - 2017 Performance Racing Industry

WPC Treatment Demo Video 2 of 2 by WPC Treatment Co Inc parts in disassembled state can be treated include engine, transmission, axles, bearings, etc. 【Get Price】

What is WPC - WPC Treatment

WPC is not a coating, it is a treatment that enhances the surface to reduce friction and steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and brass and soft surfaced bearings. 【Get Price】

WPC - Surface Treated Rod Bearings - BMW E46 M3, E9X M3

These OEM BMW rod bearings feature the WPC surface treatment. Specifically for BMW S54, S65, and S85 motors, these treated rod bearings are superior 【Get Price】

BE Bearings - Improved Connecting Rod Bearings Set for BMW

Other stopgap measures include anti-friction teflon coated factory bearings, WPC anti-friction treated factory bearings, and custom bearings with same clearance 【Get Price】

VAC Performance Coated Rod Bearing Set (BMW E90, E92, S65

BMW S65 Engines are notorious for their rod bearing wear and failures. Unlike treated bearings that must be sized very close to OEM for proper results- these 【Get Price】

E46 M3, Z4M WPC Treated S54 Rod Bearings - Turner Motorsport

Product Details. What's better than using Original BMW connecting rod bearings in your next engine build WPC-treated OEM bearings! What is WPC, you ask 【Get Price】

WPC Treatment Co., Inc. - a2z, Inc.

WPC treated transmission parts to reduce friction and improve durability . More Info WPC treated V-Twin connecting rods and pins and the bearings . More 【Get Price】

GB: WPC Treated OEM S54 Rod Bearings - BMW M3 Forum.com (E30 M3

In collaboration with enthusiast "M3Dragon" I am able to offer WPC treated OEM S54 rod bearings at a discounted price provided we reach five 【Get Price】

WPC Metal Treatment – Special Projects Motor Sports

Our WPC Treated parts stood the test, and now GEAR-X is the product of choice Bearing Surfaces, to give up to 30% improved durability, reduced friction and 【Get Price】

S54 and S65 Rod Bearing GB - WPC treated BMW M Power Page 1

Hello Australian Friends. One of the gang here who lerks on M3forums had ordered some rod bearings for his S54. Short story is the owners in 【Get Price】

WPC Surface Treatment Demo - Air Bearing Effect - YouTube

Jul 17, 2013 Check out this first of two videos showing some of WPC's anti friction properties and how the unique surface finish manipulates the boundary 【Get Price】

ECS News - BMW E46 M3 WPC Treated Rod Bearings - ECS Tuning

BMW E46 M3 WPC Treated Rod Bearings. The two largest enemies of any high-performance engine are heat and friction - WPC has found a way to reduce both 【Get Price】

Engine Specs - S65 Rod Bearings - Wiki-DIY

Jul 11, 2018 2.6 WPC Treated Bearings. 2.6.1 Production and Composition; 2.6.2 Dimensions; 2.6.3 Bearing Clearance Specifications. 2.7 Calico Coated 【Get Price】

Nissan 240sx KA24DET Block Buildup - Turbo & High-Tech

Nov 1, 2008 Check out Part 5 of the Nissan 240sx KA24DET buildup, including WPC-treating bearings and grinding the block for clearance, from Turbo 【Get Price】

WPC before and after - YouTube

Sep 21, 2013 Quick before and after with what WPC is capable of doing. I had my crank WPC treated after it was bullnosed, and seeing the effects of it in 【Get Price】

WPC Treated Rod Bearing & Bolt Package - E90/E92/E93 M3

This is BMW parts item 100.11.590.0003, described as WPC Treated Rod Bearing & Bolt Package - E90/E92/E93 M3, which you can buy online at BimmerWorld 【Get Price】

Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti Friction Will Save Your S54 M3 Rod Bearings

For those going the aftermarket route, WPC treated stock rod bearings with ARP bolts is a common procedure. Look at the beautiful crank journals below at 165k 【Get Price】

WPC Treatment - Mazdatrix

WPC is a proven treatment process that has been used for many years in Japan whereby ultra fine particles of various Rotor Bearing, WPC-BEARING-RTR. 【Get Price】

BE Bearings or WPC Treated Bearings - BMW M3 Forum.com (E30 M3

I know there's a decent thread on WPC Treated Bearings. But I don't see a thread whether to choose one over another. I plan on getting my rod 【Get Price】

My experience of DIY Rod bearings (WPC and OEM bolts) - Bimmerpost

I decided to go with WPC bearings, with oem bolts. . All they are is a stock bearing with a treatment that increases clearance a bit. Bolts I may 【Get Price】