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How do I Build your own external hard drive enclosure

Choose an enclosure. Are you in need of a large external hard drive to use for storing your music collection or backing up your data As you know, you can go to just about any retail outlet that 【Get Price】

Kogan Blu-ray player review: Kogan Blu-ray player - CNET

We did notice when installing the Blu-ray player that the casing wasn't particularly strong and had a slight tendency to "bounce" inwards — it's basically a cheap composite plastic. 【Get Price】

Sony STR-DE698 review: Sony STR-DE698 - CNET

The Bad The look and feel of the plastic casing may turn off some buyers; There's also a set of front-panel A/V inputs, and the DE698 will upconvert composite video to S-Video. It's great that 【Get Price】

Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 002: Polymer-Cased

So far, the polymer composite case has only found purchase with low-power specialty ammunition, such as the plastic blank and fired 7.62mm UTM marking round, both on the right. Several commercial composite cased rounds have been tried, including the grey .223 Remington PCA ammunition. 【Get Price】

PVC Moulding Exterior Moulding Plastic Moulding AZEK

Moulding. AZEK Moulding is the most beautiful high-performance wood replacement line of mouldings available. With crisp, architectural details reminiscent of premium wood mouldings, high performance AZEK Moulding will last beautifully without the maintenance hassles associated with wood. 【Get Price】

Cracking open a DVD player - Page 31 - TechRepublic

Back. The audio and video outputs are located on the back panel. Being a basic model, this unit has (from left to right) a composite video, right and left audio, digital audio, and a SCART connection. 【Get Price】

Composite - Casing - Moulding - The Extra Mile Movers

A defining moulding that significantly enhances the character A defining moulding that significantly enhances the character of any room opening. Casings are installed around doors or windows where the frame meets the drywall to hide gaps screws and any imperfections. 【Get Price】

Composite gear housing - Wikipedia

Composite gear housing refers to the use of composite materials to enclose the components of motor transmissions.Fiber reinforced composite materials are used primarily for weight reduction. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic material is commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries. 【Get Price】