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Spacers let you run sleepers parallel to the house so decking can run perpendicular to the house (if that’s what you prefer). A patio typically slopes away from the house so that water runs off. If you run sleepers parallel to the house and set them directly on the concrete, each sleeper will block runoff. 【Get Price】

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You can prevent this by the application of a protective surface cover. Even if your decking has already incured damage, a cover can prevent further harm. Artificial grass decking covers are an effective solution and will also improve the aesthetics of your porch or garden flooring . 【Get Price】

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If you want the patio to sit flush with your lawn instead of building a border, you can dig out the patio area about 5 inches deep and toss in 3 inches of sand. 【Get Price】

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If you're not installing skirting, you can cut the decking flush with the joists. On the last deck board, you’ll have to rip it to fit and then cut a groove into the board with a router. To secure the board, place the start / stop clips in the groove and attach with screws. 【Get Price】

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Re: Flush decking No wonder you don't want to ask her to fill it back in! I'd run the planks and the slope towards the lawn otherwise you might get a bit of a water problem where the whole lot drains off at the base of a wall. 【Get Price】

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Okay. Things you can do. You can remove all sod (not as difficult as you think) and compact the earth beneath the deck-to-be (you can use a whacker plate or you can use a board with a loop of rope, one end tied to each end of the board - you put one foot on the board, and press down while pulling up with the rope - works, though not as neat as a whacker ). Now, eventually, that earth will 【Get Price】

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"Houston, for EVA, you guys can be advised we have good avionics and heater cable activation, so all those connections look good down here," radioed Hal Getzelman from mission control. 【Get Price】