trees in sri lanka purpose of furniture

Timber Utilization in Sri Lanka

The extend of home gardens in Sri Lanka in 1983 was 781000 ha compared to 858500ha in 1993. There are more than 400 woody species planted and naturally regenerated in home gardens. Average tree density of home garden in dry zone and wet zone have been recorded 125 trees per 【Get Price】

Conserving the Ceylon Ebony Tree The Pearl

The Ebony tree is on the Red List of threatened fauna and flora of Sri Lanka (pub. 2007), and is currently an endangered species. Until fairly recently, people were accustomed to use endemic hardwood species to make traditional furniture. 【Get Price】

Rattan - Wikipedia

Rattan (from the Malay rotan) is the name for roughly 600 species of old world climbing palms belonging to subfamily Calamoideae (from the Greek 'kálamos' = reed). Rattan is also known as manila, or malacca, named after the ports of shipment Manila and Malacca City, and as manau (from the Malay rotan manau, the trade name for Calamus manan canes in Southeast Asia). 【Get Price】

trees in sri lanka purpose of furniture

Woods Used in Sri Lanka Furniture - DLIR Woods Used in Sri Lanka Furniture. is from the wild breadfruit tree. For dating purpose we know the wood became fashionable and was used from the mid 【Get Price】

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By UnchartedWatersOnline November 29, 2011 1 Comments. furniture for your residence, and as a Handicrafter grows, they can discover new and interesting avenues of creation, such as Gem cutting and more. Ships sailed from Amsterdam to the Baltic Sea, North America, and Africa, as well as present-day Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and 【Get Price】