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The Gypsum Board Systems Manual is available on our web site at These are Standard and Type X gypsum board. Type X board by definition is a gypsum board that provides: a 60 minute fire endurance rating for a 15.9mm (5/8”) thickness when 【Get Price】

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A major American drywall manufacturer said Tuesday that test results show their product is not defective and the source of problems for one Florida home. 【Get Price】

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Gypsum board is the generic name for a family of panel-type products consisting of a noncombustible core, primarily composed of gypsum, with a paper surfacing on the face, back, and long edges. Often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard, gypsum board’s noncombustible core makes it different from plywood, hardboard, and fiberboard. 【Get Price】

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UL Type: Product: AR: Sheetrock Brand AR Firecode X Panels - 5/8" Sheetrock Brand Mold Tough AR Firecode X Panels - 5/8" Sheetrock Brand Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough AR Firecode X - 5/8" Sheetrock Brand MH Gypsum Base Board Firecode X - 5/8" 【Get Price】

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CertainTeed Type C fire resistant drywall is an interior gypsum board consisting of a solid set, fire-resistive, Type C gypsum core enclosed in ivory-colored face paper and a strong liner back paper. 【Get Price】

Using Gypsum Board for Walls and Ceilings Section I

Type X gypsum board is available in -inch and 5/8 -inch thicknesses and has an improved fire resistance made possible through the use of special core additives. It is also available with a predecorated finish. Type X gypsum board is used in most fire rated assemblies. 【Get Price】

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As the Curiosity rover prepares to drill into the Martian surface for the first time, more signs point to a watery past. 【Get Price】

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About Survivor The Emmy Award-winning series returns this fall for its 37th season, themed "David vs. Goliath." This edition features 20 new castaways divided into two groups of 10 strangers. 【Get Price】