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However, although pitched roofs may be more difficult to clean and inspect, due to the sloped structure, flat roofs often require more maintenance throughout the life of the roof. 【Get Price】

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Custom Metal Roofing. Regardless of the pitch or slope of your roof, custom metal work is a great choice in roofing material. AJ Wells Roofing Contractors is one of the few companies in Northeast Florida, and the only one in Jacksonville, that offers fabricate standing seam metal roofing panels on site. 【Get Price】

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mobilehome-metal roof Back to Roofing over existing roof It would be important to find a metal roof that is appropriate for your low roof pitch but, once you do that, if you remove the existing shingles and install metal, you will have a roof system that is less than half the weight of the original roof. could you email the roofing info 【Get Price】

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For instance, it may be difficult to build a large gable into a low-pitched roof that you install above the flat roof surface. Always make sure your design gets an okay from an engineer or architect—someone who can sign off on the structural integrity—before making changes. 【Get Price】

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In this video we go over how we put a metal roof over shingles on our mobile home. This was completely completed by me from the beginning to the end over the course of about 2.5 months on the few 【Get Price】

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Pitched roofs are generally less expensive to install and last longer than low slope roofs. This is because shingle systems are easier to install than membrane systems and shingles cost less. This is a generalization that depends a great deal on the type of roofing material you install, but is a good guiding principal. 【Get Price】

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A sawtooth roof is two or more parallel pitched roofs in which the sloped and vertical surfaces alternate. As the name suggests, the roof resembles the side view of a saw blade. Sawtooth roofs were once only used in industrial buildings. 【Get Price】

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A sloped roof can have a minimum lifespan upwards of 15 years. Depending on the climate conditions, a flat roof will need replacement as early as 10 years. You should be aware that property owners sometimes convert from a flat to a sloped roof for this reason, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. 【Get Price】

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Most moble homes wont bear the load of a conventional roof however there is a way to acomplish this. Use a post and beam system place a pier under the moble home where ever your posts come down through your walls. 【Get Price】

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Galvalume corrugated metal roof panels over asphalt shingles on a 28x60 mobile home. Learn the basics of a mobile home roof over using 1x4 purlins with foam insulation. Subscribe to be alerted to 【Get Price】