turning wasteplastic into plastic lwood in angeria

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The unit in the pictures can convert about 60 kg of plastic into 60 liters of fuel in one day. Other methods of heating the reactor can be employed, electricity is just easier to work with and 【Get Price】

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Turning Plastic Trash into Furniture Carter Zufelt Utilisation of recovered wood and rubber for alternative composite Recycling plastic off cuts with the R25 Schredder and R30 Sheet 【Get Price】

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Machines That Turn Plastic To Fuel. In Niagara Falls, NY, John Bordynuik’s ‘Plastic Eating Monster‘ can even vaporize thick HDPE plastic into a cleaner burning number 2 fuel. Put plastic in one end of the machine and out the other end comes diesel, petroleum distillate, light naphtha and gases such as methane, ethane, butane and propane. 【Get Price】

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Converting Waste Plastic to Ultra-Clean, Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel. Plastic2Oil is a clean energy company that recycles waste plastic into liquid fuels. PTO's proprietary Plastic2Oil technology can deliver economic and environmental benefits by replacing refined fuels and diverting waste plastic from landfills. 【Get Price】

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ProtoCycler enables you to recycle waste plastic, or plastic pellets into 3D printer filament at ten feet per minute. A drum automatically spools the finished filament. A drum automatically spools 【Get Price】

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Tanzanian start-up turns urban waste into 'plastic lumber His year-old company, EcoAct Tanzania, has transformed nearly 1 million kilograms (3.27 mln pounds) of waste into “plastic lumber” that can be used for fences, house beams, signposts and more. 【Get Price】

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The volume of plastic waste wading into our oceans has surged with plastics global popularity; the world produced over 300 million tons in 2014. There is so much plastic in our oceans that experts predict that within the next 35 years the world’s waterways will be home to more plastic than fish. 【Get Price】

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That's the idea behind the Plastic Bank, which calls for harvesting and repurposing plastic, turning it into a valuable currency. The plastic can be exchanged as 3D printing materials, tools, and 【Get Price】